Our Key Services include:

Our Drop In: 

The weekly Drop In has always been our flagship service. We welcome all local people and parents regardless of the age of their children. The aim of the Drop In is to provide a warm and welcoming space where parents can access advice and support with a range of issues that impact on the important, and sometimes challenging, role of parenthood, meet other parents and offer and receive peer support. On average the Drop In has had:  10 – 15 visits per week, 500 visits per year, Over 2500 visits in the last 5 years.

Parenting Programmes

We provide Parenting programmes for both groups and 1:1 support. Our skilled and experienced facilitators are trained in three of the UK’s leading, evidence based programmes:

  • Triple P (Group & Teen)
  • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities
  • Circle of security

Community Learning: 

We believe in community access to learning and have been running weekly community based English classes since January 2014. Lots of  local people have attended our classes: over 50% of people have never studied formally before and over 75% have benefited from an Entry Level focus on skills. 90% of all attendees report improved:

  • Confidence in Speaking & listening skills
  • Basic use of grammar
  • Feeling more part of the community

In addition to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, we run IT workshops for beginners

Specific Support

We provide advocacy in schools, with social services and housing. Key outcomes include: Education, Health & Care Plans in place, school attendance restored, children removed from ‘At Risk’ register & improved parenting skills.

General Support

We provide support with formal correspondence: letter writing and emails as a means of empowering local people who find bureaucracy an additional challenge, this is especially a much needed service for our ESOL parents (English Speakers of Other Languages).

Some of our most recent Projects included: 

  • IT for beginners: local parents trained in basic IT skills
  • Black Parents support group
  • Community Collage: a digital and study skills project
  • English Conversation Class:
  •  FREE NHS Patient Representative Training: 25 local people trained
  • Our 6th Annual Seaside Trip: Each year, over 40 local families enjoy a LOW COST day out of London
  • Community inform & Empower Project: a series of workshops on housing, education and domestic abuse

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