Tell It Parents Network, commonly known as ‘Tell It’ is a small community focused grassroots organisation. We began in August 2011 and for the last 6 years Tell It has delivered a local service from a base in North Westminster.

Our Aim is to facilitate a local parent’s network where parents can receive support with all things pertaining to parenthood and our work is based on the African proverb and belief that:

“It takes a whole community to raise a child”


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Key services include:

  • A weekly Drop In
  • Parenting programmes
  • Community Learning: including ESOL classes and IT for beginners
  • Advocacy in schools, with social services and housing
  • Support with formal correspondence: letter writing and emails
  • A warm, welcoming & friendly space 


Our most recent Projects included: 

  • IT for beginners: local parents trained in basic IT skills
  • Black Parents support group
  • Community Collage: a digital and study skills project
  • English Conversation Class:
  •  FREE NHS Patient Representative Training: 25 local people trained
  • Our 6th Annual Seaside Trip: Each year, over 40 local families enjoy a LOW COST day out of London
  • Community inform & Empower Project: a series of workshops on housing, education and domestic abuse

DROP IN and see us at the Advice Plus session: MONDAYS 1 -4pm

at the Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue London W10 4JL

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