-Good day to everyone. We are coming to the end of the month, which means we can only start manifesting how great we would like next month to be!

-What we mean by things are looking up is, the Prime Minister has finally set dates for when we can return to our normal life, now we understand to some people it may seem a bit tedious as the rules have changed so much since the first lockdown but at least it’s a start!

What we also don’t understand is our mindset subconsciously is what we attract, sometimes it may not be intentional but what you manifest, the universe makes happen in your normal day to day life. We completely understand given the current circumstances that it is hard not to have the odd negative thought here and there, it’s only normal as we are all human beings with feelings! But what we mustn’t do is endure in those thoughts. We can completely understand how anxiety has affected a lot of people in this difficult time and even before, but we could argue now more than ever. We would like anyone who suffers with anxiety to allow themselves to think about the things you love the most, think about the fact that you must be special to have received the gift of life. Believe that you’re trying your best for those that you love and care for and most importantly yourself, even when it may not feel like so. Trust that better days are definitely coming, your prayers get answered in ways that you would never expect. To try and keep you on track and on the road to a more positive aspect of life we at Tell It started a Movements and Meditation class. You can attend this class via Zoom every Monday from 11:30am-12:30pm. Remember, try to stay calm, count your blessings and most importantly BREATHE!

The Law Of Attraction

We at Tell It strongly believe in the Law Of Attraction and that’s why we would like to share some ways that can help you block out any negatives thoughts you may have or are currently experiencing through this pandemic.

We would like to start by saying, just like the metaphor “you are what you eat” it also applies to “what you think is what you become”. What we as humans continuously do is put our sleeves down for either not doing enough, not trying hard enough or are just feeling hopeless. What is happening currently is completely out of our control and even if you may not feel like you’re trying your best, you’re doing your best within your means.

Completely flip the script! If you’re someone who was used to working 24/7 with barely anytime to yourself there must be some things in your home you may want to make changes to or a book you’ve been meaning to read, look at this as an opportunity, a break. Of course this pandemic is absolutely our reality but make it a reality you can benefit from when we are allowed to get back to our normal lives. Think about all the things you’ve spoken on before lockdown and now it’s time to put the Law Of Attraction to work. Manifest exactly what you’d like to accomplish, achieve, do or where you’d like to visit when we are allowed back to our normal lives and I assure you, maye not exactly in the way you’d expect but the universe is bound to make it happen!