Since August 2016, we have been without a fixed space however, our service continues to deliver a range of services that are important to our local community. This year we have managed to deliver English Classes, Triple P Parenting Programmes and a Community Inform & Empower project in partnership with Westminster Adult Education Service.

We know how important it is to remain as accessible as possible and we’ve been a permanent fixture every Monday, at the Advice Plus sessions at the Beethoven Centre since September 2016. We continue to provide advice with the following:

  • Formal correspondence: explaining and responding to letters and emails
  • Making appointments and telephone calls
  • Completing benefit forms, appeals and health questionnaires
  • Housing applications, placements and queries
  • Liaising and advocating with professional services (eg: schools, social services)
  • and more…

If you have an issue you think we can help with, pop in and see us:

Mondays 1-4pm @ Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, London W10 4JL

Click here for a map


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